Shipibo shaman denounced for sexual abuse during Ayahuasca

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II just returned from a dieta in a remote place 2 days upstream from Pucallpa, a community called Nueve de Octube. From there, it was about 3 hours walking. This dieta was arranged by Cielo Tierra.

The group was lead by a shaman nicknamed PEKON SOI, legal name IDIOL URQUIA VARGAS, from San Francisco de Yarina Cocha. He was aided by his helper FELIPE from Chile. We were dieting the medicinal tree Ayahuma and drank Ayahuasca about 6 times during 16 days.

After returning from the diet, the girl opened up to me and told me the shaman manipulated her into having sex 2 times with him during Ayahuasca ceremony outside the group space under the pretext that this was a necessary healing for her. Also, she feels she was manipulated into paying him two thousands of Soles to him as an extra payment.

She feels she was pressed to do it, and she lost her mind under the effect of the plants and the energies that the shaman invoked.

With clear head, she realized this was an abuse and went to police in Yarina, Pucallpa, to denounce Soi for sexual abuse. I have a copy of this denuncia.

Speaking with Cielo Tierra, we found out that in the past there were more women that would never work with him again and confirmed his sexually inappropriate behavior.

At the moment, PEKON SOI is in Chile performing ceremonies and possibly going on with what he does. Please help us to inform friends in Chile so that they are careful when working with this person.

Embraces, Jan
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  • That is so sad...

    When will some people learn...

    Maybe psychadelic drugs and sex DONT MIX.

    never seen it go right, but always see people too eager to have it happen.
    yeah your weekend warrior friend...the dude who is on a holy and sacred mission..
    nothin but a molester....

    and pardon the aloof nature of my post, but maybe im yankin on the ROOT of this feel me?
    at least i put forth an unbiased answer as to what the problem is ...

    and yes maybe this guy shouldnt be aloud to take big fat psychadelic shits on people he is supposed to be serving.
  • Unsu...
    What's to be expected with the influx of naive Westerners? Unfortunately, the police in Pucallpa will have a good laugh about this incident. They'll probably go out to Yarinacocha to do a shakedown and pick up a few soles. There was no law broken, only the results of an opportunistic curandero taking advantage. If they haven't realized it yet, this guy took them to an isolated place just for that purpose. They were essentially under his control from day one. (By the way, you can murder someone down there and spend maybe a year in prison. Maybe.)

    She lost her mind under the influence of the plants? She certainly should not have gone into the jungle. For the more experienced voyagers, Ayahuasca has a tendency to make an experienced person hyper-alert and totally tuned in, not disoriented, impressionable and unclear in thinking.

    If you are impressionable and somewhat naive, the best thing to do is stay out of the jungle and don't put yourself in a situation in which you are manipulated by persons of dubious character, and there are lots of them floating around there. (Maybe this lowlife's name was "Picaron Soy")

    After all, you have these Westerners coming down and really causing upheaval with all the money. Since the 1970's, Iquitos has gone from a mellow, jungle town to a hotbed of crime, and it's all because of the introduction of money and greed. The violence is noticibly increasing. (Just recently a woman was murdered by gunfire in Belen during a daytime robbery, and it's going to get worse.)

    But then again, what this lowlife shaman did was no worse than the Gringoes who have gone to the jungle and set up business, extricating thousands of dollars from gullible seekers. They are as bad if not worse than the sham shaman who has ingratiated himself into the Gringo piggy bank.

    Yarinacocha is a good place to do ceremonies as long as you're away from the touristy part. Maybe the "victim" should be a bit more discerning and listen more to voices of experience. This is a case of bad judgement.

    At least she wasn't turned into a turtle feast. Lots of persons disappear in the monte.

    Good luck in getting the word out about this sham-man, but expect little help from the police in this matter.
    • Thanks Boo, good sense of realism there.

      Sex and psychedelics do in fact go well together. But sex and ge western guruification of shamans, ceremony, money, power, healing and plantas that generally require sexual absitnace, don't often resemble anything but oil and water.
      • Just saw this thread, maybe I'm a little late, but I spread the word around with my friends (I'm in Chile) so that should spread the word out to a good few more.

        Thanks for the heads up.

        • Westerner men come to Iquitos and have dalliances with Peruvian women and no one objects to this behavior.

          Does this shaman speak English? Was the woman under the influence of ayahuasca or was the sex after the ceremony? Where were the others?

          I am very surprised this woman was a neophyte who went willingly into the jungle and had no friends to support her when she went off alone with the shaman or the shaman visited her room. What is the name of the retreat? Can anyone offer more details? Did she request special healing from the shaman and paid 2,000 soles for it?

          Yes, it is inappropriate behavior, but how old is the woman? Was she hoodwinked? Please send more details as this is very unsettling to those of lus who have had ceremonies with honorable shamans, such as Shaman Ron Wheelock.

          I have been taking ceremonies in Peru and elsewhere in South America and never saw any sexaul activity between the shamans and participants.

          I have heard it goes on but safeguards should be in place. Like locks on doors and roommates. I also have a question about the 2nd sexual contact.

          This is highly wrong behaviior but I would like further details.

  • God bless her bravery. Whatever it is giving me the impression that such behaviour is not as uncommon as it is for a woman to denounce that in public, . . . (perhaps "whatever it is" is similar experiences causing me to have a larger than life impression however, as I had a traditional indigenous betrothal, and brief marriage, aligned via ancestry, here in Australia, with a renown medicine man, but who had gone bad, due to sexual excesses whilst drunk and stoned), . . . I believe it is essential we accept all of the information we are given about Ayahuasca and Ayahuascero, . . . eg if we learn sexual abstinence is an important aspect of the diet, then we know not to trust anybody who asserted any different! But sometimes depending upon a woman's character, and the full set of circumstances, women will go through such an experience unwillingly, as means of outing the perpetrator.
  • Joe
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