MAOI taken before DMT?

topic posted Sun, February 3, 2008 - 8:36 PM by  Kyle
Is it necessary that the MAOI be taken before the DMT to stop premature breakdown?
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      actually a lot of DMT is broken down in the stomach before the Harmine/Harmaline/Tetra-Hydro-Harmaline even begin to take effect. So yes it does help...not necessary, but does help... Personally I just take a double dose....separated by at least 2 hours. Pyramids the duration that way as well... 4-6 hours turns into 6-8.... Or another good way to take a small dose in the morning to cleanse before the ceremony, that night take a real dose... Harmine/Harmaline/TH-Harmaline MAO inhibiting effects last 24 hours or so....
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    If you are drinking Ayahuasca, you take it at the same time... So taking a 1/2 dose and waiting at least an hour before the next cup would help. You could take some Passiflora Incarnata tea before or more Banisteriopsis Caapi brew before you take the main Ayahuasca or a separate DMT brew if you want to do it completely separately. So do you have to... No... Does it Help... Yes.

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