Ayahuasca In Midwest USA

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Anyone know of anyone doing ceremony in/near KS/MO/IA/NE/AR/OK ????
Please let me know.
The yearly journeys to Peru are getting costly!!!!!! And, I wish to do ceremony more often

Did 2 ceremonies in Canada recently.......Canadians are wonderful people...........

Kow saipa,

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    From all I have heard and all I have is best to go to Peru!!

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      gotta poke around where you are, no one will write you a location time on email, know that judas priest song right?
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        fill out your bio, dont you think it is a bit naive to come on here fishing for info like that? we never talk about where and when or even bring up the action much
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          ok sorry for bing a crank dude, i am constantly working with that
          • im sure many people who put out public requests like this get many private replies that don't violate anyones safety. Its fine to ask in public, if you dont mind being identified, its just not wise to respond to a public request in public.
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              actually you never see it here on aya, no one advertises either, we talk about things going on in south amercica all the time but up here no. it is a very serious matter actually...if you showede up no bio no history asking stuff like that here no one will write privatley with ever about schedules, jim has got a grassroots search on his hands. he will have to look on the ground there......think about it clancy , many people could wind up going through the ringer
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                Hey, let's all get along, here. In deference to Shel, I think I was being a tad naive, and perhaps a bit unwise. On the other hand, there are churches that I am aware of starting up in other states that are going to alledgedly be doing ceremonies.....the US Supreme Court did say it was okay for the Santo Daimes to utilize the aya for their rituals. (9-0 decision).

                My love for aya and the benefits She provides sometimes cloud my better judgement.

                That said, Peru in June 2008.....already booked, and on Freq Flyer miles, at that!
                Cheers, everyone!
                • It's actually Unida Vegetal that has SC clearance.
                  Where do you go in Peru?
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                    Sorry about that....I get the two of them confused....I do know that are not accepting any new least in Santa Fe.
           is the place in Peru.
                    It is in the Sacred Valley near Pisac & Cusco...very close to Macchu Picchu..most attendeees visit there after ceremony week.
                    Diego, who runs it, is an incredible human being.
                    Very fine music he plays during...and after, ceremony.

              • my view is that people are free to ask as much as they like. hopefully they will get the answers they seek. it is up to each person to guard their group or practice, and if someone feels called to respond they have the responsibility to be careful. it is not the seekers responsibility to be careful, they are just asking. getting down on someone for asking doesnt make sense. its the people who respond to the question who must be sure the person isn't a government agent, if that's the fear, or just a dilettant who they think isnt serious enough or whatever their own reasons for rejecting a seeker might be. If you show up with no bio and no friends etc, in my opinion you have less chances of getting the answer you seek, but i have no problem with that person asking. you can't expect everyone to walk their neighborhoods looking for ayahuasca, the internet will serve its purpose here too. there are just more and less savvy ways of doing it.

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